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Mark is a co-founder and Director of Captima.

Mark has over 30 years of wide ranging financing and capital markets experience with a strong private equity perspective.

Mark has previously served as Managing Director of a diverse European financial services group, and been a Partner in a Swiss-based private equity firm where he ran operations and maintained a substantial investment portfolio. He was previously instrumental in the development and growth of a British venture capital firm and previously founded a multi-faceted independent financial advisory firm which was ultimately acquired.

Since co-founding Captima Mark has been instrumental in the company’s continued growth and drives new initiatives that broaden the company’s dynamic offering.


+44 (0)1624 697605

Bryan is a vastly experienced multi-disciplined financier with a 29 year track-record within the financial services, banking and wealth management sectors, primarily with Barclays. Bryan’s career spans numerous disciplines in onshore and international finance sectors, including corporate finance, wealth management, business development, corporate banking, offshore banking and structuring real estate transactions.

At Captima, Bryan is primarily engaged in debt and equity structuring, assisting clients with sourcing and negotiating senior debt, management restructures, mezzanine finance, forward funding structures, introduction of private equity and facilitating the sale and purchase of a variety of real estate, from entire portfolios to single asset trophy properties.

Bryan has been instrumental in the successful closing of numerous multi-million pound transactions for Captima clients.


+353 (0) 86 609 4180

Eugene has 20 years’ experience working in the property and finance sectors, having held senior roles in real estate private equity and the corporate finance sector.

A chartered accountant, Eugene has a track record in sourcing, structuring and financing real estate transactions across Europe.


+353 (0) 89 261 2681

John has worked in the property and finance sector for more than 20 years, having held a number of senior roles for both real estate private equity and privately held property groups.

Most recently he held the position of Group Finance Director for a UK and Ireland property based group.

A chartered accountant, his background is in property investment, structuring and asset management across a number of jurisdictions within the real estate sector.

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